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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bear Den

Coming home from work on Saturday night, I had the strangest feeling come over me.  I felt like I was the only Bear returning to the den, to find that Godilocks had been to the house.  You see, my bedroom opens in to the family rec room in the basement, and so it's in the heart of the action.  Three things caught my eye:
  1. My bedroom door was off  its hinges and the small writers desk was pulled away from the wall.  An organizers rack with 50 pockets, which normally hangs on the door was lying on my bed, threatening to spill necklaces, nail cutters, hairclips and more.  The room smelled like paint and I soon noticed that the trim and the door had a fresh coat of paint on it.  Culprit: PapaBear
  2. Laundry was folded and placed in three different piles on top of my bed.  A pile from each color load into which the clothes were seperated.  Culprit: MamaBear
  3. The Christmas tree was up and decorations were spread around the basement den.  The lights sparkled in front of the newly hung blinds.  The sound system was playing Christmas music and my computer was scrolling scenes of memories gone past.  The seasons festivities have begun.  Culprit: BabyBear
I realize it was not a stranger in our house, but I must admit, my first thought was: I've been invaded.  Then I rejoiced that my family cares so much to make a difference... they love me, help me out, and bring joy to my days, whether I am home or not.  Thank God for my family!

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