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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Power of Suggestion

Last Tuesday night, I caught up with my friend Jenn and her new fiance for a drink and dessert after work. We shared a warm chocolate brownie surprise that was scrumptioulyumptious. Jenn asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I'm absolutely pumped and honoured.
So last night I called Jenn to chat and to see how I could assist, since the wedding is coming up quickly. First, I need to find a black dress. Check, I think I can do that.
Then, Jenn was telling me that they've already booked a local Baptist church for the ceremony and how now it feels like it's actually happening. Jenn met with the Pastor to see if he could officiate at the wedding, and he quietly responded that he couldn't because he had a double funeral booked that day. Jenn honestly believed him for almost 10 minutes and was even informing her fiance that the wedding couldn't happen until the spring if the Pastor couldn't do it on the planned date. Finally Jenn realized that he was pulling her leg. No one books a double funeral a few months in advance. :)
Well, as I was chatting with Jenn on the phone, I thought that I should write her wedding on to the family calendar, so that I too could book the date. Writing while talking, I mistakenly wrote "Jenn's funeral". Ha Ha... I guess you can plan them in advance.

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