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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Just One More Jump, Please?!"

This past Labour Day weekend I had the privilege of camping with my whole family. We had a blast swimming in the water or chatting around the fire. I want to share a few pics of the jumping experience I had with my three brothers. We all felt like kids again while egging eachother on in competition.
Dennis may jump the highest, but he is always the first one out of the water.
While Brian makes up the rules, Richard wins the race to shore.
It took me a bit to convince myself to jump... or maybe it was the three voices behind me saying: "Karen, if you don't jump, we'll push you!"
"Okay, Okay!! I'll go!!"
I jump straight down. Brian goes to the left. Richard goes to the right. Dennis goes further out over me. And within a few seconds we are all splashing eachother, grasping for the surface, and having a blast!
Emerald Lake is a great place to play. It has water activities for the young and the old. Here I am hanging out with my nephew Jaxsen at the splash pad.

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