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Friday, July 6, 2018

Celebrating life!

It's good to be feeling stronger once again, and most of my energy is back.  I think I am also refreshed by having company in the house and people to share life with in Soroti.
 Walking to the market.
Buying chapati or rolex (omelettes or rolled eggs in a chapati)
I've been surprised and blessed a lot these past few weeks.  Many people have been celebrating my life and I am humbled!
42 years!! I feel better than last year.
Every Tuesday for the past month I have been teaching crafts to nursery school teachers... seeing what can be replicated and created here in Soroti with minimal to no cost.  It's challenging and rewarding to see these teachers be stretched in creative ways.
One week we tried Paper Mache.... so fun and messy.
One behalf of a friend in Canada, I went to visit a Compassion sponsor child.  It's so cool to see two sides of the globe connect.
Ryan and Jalyssa have been with me for 6+ weeks now.  We do so much together... worship, cook, play games, teach, serve, learn, question, talk, work, and it's been a treasure for me.
Ryan and Jalyssa went out of their way to unplan all of my Saturday plans so that they could plan a surprise party for me.
Lots of fun and great friends
I shared this party with my neighbour Rose who was also having a Happy Birthday.
Who says I don't like to party?
The proof is not only in the cake...
It's in the dancing too!
It's very cultural to get water poured on you on your birthday.
Here are a few shots of life with the Brinks...
I took them on a "world tour" in Soroti and showed them our Tajmahal.  :)
Lale Landing Site - where we get our fish from
Driving around seeing village life
And getting garden soil from Ocholoi Rock.
4th of July celebrations were had at my friend Kerri's...
I'm glad the Lord has brought a few of us together to serve His people in Soroti.  
And the journey continues.

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