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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Train Trip and Fellowship

I have been enjoying my home service rounds of going to my supporting churches while I continue to recover from surgery.  
This past weekend I traveled all the way up to Williamsburg CRC.
For the first time ever, I took a train in Canada.  :)  It still took 7 hours to get there, but what a better way to travel than driving.  My legs were hurting by the time I got to Williamsburg, but I was glad to be picked up by a great acquaintance... who became a better friend over the weekend.
I stayed for 3 nights in Williamsburg and had the opportunity to once again fellowship with the church.  I always love sharing what God is doing in my life and in Uganda.
On Monday I was also invited to do a one hour presentation at a tiny Christian school.  They were having a snow day, but 17 kids were excited to learn more about missions and Uganda.
I loved it that I could get to know more families in a deeper way - to laugh, cry, and share together.  Being with fellow Christians is always a blessing.
Traveling home yesterday I had a little layover in Toronto.
 So I escaped the train station to go see the CN Tower of course.
 It was still super chilly down town.... -23 has been the harshest.  -3 is more manageable.
 Today I have been feeling a little more energetic and took a hike at the local park.
 Frost frame
 Bones came out to play too!
 Trying to enjoy the simple pleasures of being in Canada
 "My home and native land"

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