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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kaabong, Karamoja

 For the first time last week, I was able to travel deep into Karamoja for 3 nights, to lead a two day training for OneHope.... in children's ministry.  I had an old connection with a Pentecostal pastor in the north and he wanted me to come and train his church leaders... so we made that happen.
 I was amazed at the beauty of the land and the farming methods of the Karamojong people.
 Thankfully we brought rains with us... it was the first time in weeks that in rained again, so the people were happy when we arrived.
 After living in a flat savanna, I just kept praising God for the glory He reveals in His creation.
 The people are stunning, tall, and still tradition.
 Here is one young man who wanted his photo taken... but sadly he was a drunkard, like many others that I met walking the streets of Kaabong.
The training went well.  There were 39 participants and I pray that they will put the new curriculum to good use in their schools and churches.
This group particularly loved games and puzzles and even stayed extra long in the evenings to learn new games and crowd pleasing activities.
 Four of us were going to camp, but because of so much rain, we ended up pitching our tents inside the church.  Which might have been safer too... but there were still thieves.  One pastor had his bicycle stolen, and my training Bible was taken during the night (possibly for trainees who were also sleeping in the church).
 "Have you ever seen a Penguin in the sea?!"
 Setting the program with Teddy.
 Since the man whose bicycle was stolen lives 80km away, we decided to drive him home on the fourth day and do a morning game drive in Kidepo.  A bucket list item!!
 Praising God for the hills, roads, and people!
 We drove through this national park for 3 hours... and were so close to South Sudan.
 Cape Buffalo
 My favourite African animal
 In love!
 I think God was smiling a lot on the day when he made the creatures that walk along the earth.

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