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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Back to Alebtong

Yesterday was another long but fun journey to Abedeber to speak with 80 teens from Compassion.
 We shared about God's love, relationships, and staying in school.  We broke up into groups to talk to the girls separately because many of them leave school when their menstrations begin, in order to get married.  
 I shared about God's plan for marriage and waiting for the right partner, God's perfect design for life.
 When you rush into relationships - you can end up broken, diseased, shamed, and full of heart-ache.
 What's a training without a Penguin icebreaker!?
On the way home we had to wait for the crane / tow truck to pull out a disastrous accident.  One very smashed lorry, carrying cement, overturned in the night, with at least one person dead.  I always pray for safety on the roads when I travel... 

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