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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy New Year

The New Year's Greetings keep coming and will probably go on for a few months.  I have decided to take down all the Christmas tree decorations, but only leave up a wall of Christmas cards (especially since most of them arrived after Christmas).  I can't believe it's yet another year.

And I thank God that it has started off well.

 New's Year's Day I hung out with a brand new baby Hope.
 Johnny got caught playing with a vehicle in the yard.  :)
 And I spent a few days with the Baptist youth at one of their conferences.  I was able to share the "True Love Waits" Curriculum.
On the final day we had a great time of discussion, encouragement, questions, and prayer time.  

Speaking of prayer time, I have some requests that are keeping me up at night.
1. There is serious drought here and it is affecting many people.  Some of my friends are down to one meal a day because nothing is growing in the gardens.
2. I am chairing two committees right now - Educational Care training is taking place on January 23-27 and The Global Prayer Safari is February 2-12.  Both take a lot of work to plan, and I feel like we are on top of things, but I'm still stressed.
3. The piggery project has absolutely no market and we have no more space in the barn, 3 pregnant sows, and feed is costing too much (especially because of the drought).  At this point, I think it might be even more economical just to buy a deep freezer.  
4. I'm traveling tomorrow to be a friend and encouragement to my NGO leaders here in Uganda.
5. The timing belt, brakes, valve heads, and many other things have been fixed on old Scoobie Doo this month.  I don't feel like I am being a good steward of God's money by constantly fixing a 17 year old Subaru Forester.  
If you can help with donations towards a new car, please donate here.
6. My neighbours are looking for work and school fees are coming up once again.

So thanks for praying with me.

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