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Friday, September 9, 2016

In Kadungulu, Serere

September 1 and 2 I was called to Kadungulu to share about Children's Ministry.  I was super excited to know that my fun team of colleagues was willing to journey with me on this overnight excursion.  For two days Anna, Peter, Teddy, and I taught about Stories of Hope and different teaching methods.
We slept in freshly smeared dry cow dung mud huts, slept early, woke up with the sun, watched a solar eclipse in a basin of water, and struggled with language. But God gave us strength, energy, and we saw excitement and understanding!  Please pray that these village churches will apply the creativity and curriculum to their schools and Sunday classes.
 Teaching about 20 villagers
 And hanging out with kids
 God's Promises are never failing
 My junior disciple is a joy to journey with, especially at trainings
 The Bible is one big story - the story of Jesus... and today's church is a part of that story!
 Doing drama
 And teaching object lessons
 Hand motions
 Colourful curriculum
It's fun watching an adult try a puzzle or a word search for the first time.  May God's story of Hope be told through these willing church leaders!

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