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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walking with Others

I am so very grateful for my partnership with CRWM and it was on my heart to be a part of these three days of meeting with CRWM and World Renew in Entebbe.
 32 of us gathered from around East and South Africa... to worship, share, pray, and encourage.
 We met right on Lake Victoria - what an awesome Creator we serve!!
 One of our biggest projects was working on TLT (Timothy Leadership Training) forms - for follow-up and accountability.  This is a truly valuable tool, used to train leaders all over the world. 
 It was great meeting up with those who work in the CRWM office in Kenya, but also to fellowship with another mzungu (Mike Ribbens)... I went through training with him way back in 2001, and now, years later, our paths cross again.
This week I had a super fun project!!
OneHope was sending a team to Soroti to assess their curriculum with low-literacy students.  OneHope, which used to be Book of Hope, is a free, international curriculum that is given to children everywhere - through pictures, videos, books, and apps. This Bible material goes out to almost 100,000,000 children a year.
 I went with to the school, to be the familiar face for the children, as I introduced the team from Kampala and Miami.  For a whole day we made presentations in the P3 and P5 classes, and then pulled out 30 of the low-level reading students to do a one on one assessment... in order to better the materials.  These children are Soroti will have a voice for the children of the world who receive this awesome material!!
 Ann is also one of my children's ministry partners, now the two of us have lots of follow-up work to do at this fun little school.  17 Stories - here we come!! 
The Kampala teachers were fantastic at making the kids feel comfortable and letting them know that their opinions mattered. 
In the evenings, before and after the assessment, I enjoyed meals with this team and some sweet fellowship in my home. 

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