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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marching with Tradition

Saturday, September 27th
The traditional marriage of my good friends, Arimon Samuel and Asio Grace
 Driving the girls to pick the envelope... which comes from the groom... telling of how many cows, goats, and shillings he is giving to the bride's family. The girls kept themselves covered, so that none of the groom's family could see who picked up the envelope.
 Marching butterflies
 The men were looking for the bride
 Here I am in traditional wear

 The groom!
 Having fun!
 Flittering and fluttering
 Waiting to be chosen
 Given gifts - a headband for each lady

 My good friend Soos
 The bride in pink!  My beautiful roomie (well, for three more weeks anyway)
 50 maids marching!

 The grooms family looked me over, but I am not the bride
 Here she is - Grace, a stunning beauty
 Welcomed by the in-laws
 Passing in front of the groom's family
 The bride - coming to find her man
 She has found him, and pinned him with a cross
 Sam and Grace, a lovely couple
 The engagement ring
 Cutting the cake... the bride has changed again
Sharing cake at the end of a long, ceremonious day!!


  1. Karebear; this shots are so amazing. Didnt see this beautiful side of the function till now. Thanks for the unforgettable shots!!

  2. Beautiful garments! Stunning.