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Friday, May 4, 2012

Gnuts and What-Nots

Last week I was struggling with a bad bout of Giardia, then the internet was out for a few days... and now there is so much to tell you, and yet I'm exhausted and just want to climb onto my bed on the floor.  Three days ago I moved to my  new home - wonderful neighbours, peaceful space, and very close to Soroti's downtown area.  I can now walk to all the places I love!  My new home doesn't have the kitchen ready though, so I am eating dry cereal in the morning, and eating out for the other meals.  In June I will be getting a fridge and stove and that will make life much easier.
Yesterday I went "deep" to three villages with Fida International.  We went with the intention of distributing Gnuts (ground nuts, aka peanuts) to a newly identified group of CAAF.  CAAF = Children Affected by Armed Forces.  Some of these youth just returned from Central Africa, after escaping Kony's rule.  So Fida is starting again - with a week long psycho-social training next week.
 When in the village of Obalanga, I took time to walk past the mass grave site... strong memories from 2009 flooded me as I remember hiking through fields and collecting corpses of war victims.  It's great to see there is some closure for this community now.
 Here are some sacks of Gnuts, waiting to be distributed - for planting and income generation.
These are the youth in Omoro village, excited to receive their gnuts.

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