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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sounds of the Week

Gently swinging in my newly hung Filipino hammock (which has been in storage since 2004), I'm finishing a good book and listening to the airconditioner hum in the background. I'm hanging outside on the brick deck the family just laid this week, and I'm trying to stay out of the airconditioning as it is too cold for my liking. The hum doesn't annoy me, it becomes music to my ears, but it does make me ponder other sounds that I have heard this week.

  • A preteen wraps himself in a blue and silver rocket shaped tent, pretending to be the wind. He spins and flas the tent with such creativity that I not only hear the wind, but feel its effects.
  • An elementary school friend teases with delight as she once again beats me in Super Quiz. It's an annual contest, in which she wins a majority of the time, but honestly, I think my mind goes on a vacation too whenever I book time off of work.
  • During my three days off I tune in to mosquitos buzzing as I hike a KingFisher trail at Scanlon Creek. Subways squeal as the track takes a slight curve, leading us to the Dupont station, so my friend and I can walk over to Casaloma. My ear gets a little sore from listening to three hours of Casaloma history in an audio tour device, but the info is fantastic. And later on in the day, I wiggle at the edge of my seat as I take in the "Jersey Boys" show and listen to some oldie but goodie Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons hits.
  • Here I am at Casaloma, with my listening device!
  • My dreams were filled with rythym since Dad and my brother were pounding down bricks in the back deck. No, they weren't working at night, I was just trying to sleep after a night shift at work, and the sleep turned out pretty funky, I just can't remember what I was dreaming about.
  • My Tommy Hilfiger watch (a gift from my bank years ago) ticks evenly, but that can only be heard when resting my head in my hands.

I've been pondering, how do I give audience to all of these other sounds and yet somehow miss the voice of God? I know He is very real in my life. I believe God has me where I am for a purpose. I pray that I am being used daily for His glory. But, somehow I am not hearing Him. I'm desiring some future direction and some passion for the now.

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