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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosquitoes in the Moment

Yesterday I took another hike at Scanlon Creek, the shorter Maple Sugar trail. For the first few moments the journey was delightful. Ferns covered the forest floor, birds chirped, and the maples were out in all their glory. Then slowly the mosquitoes started to come out. First one. "I can handle this." Then two. "Okay, I'm annoyed... maybe I should walk a little faster." I was holding hands with a child who didn't want to let go, so when the mosquitoes came out in full force, it was all I could mentally manage not to panic. I wasn't able to swat the pests, so I had to handle the pain until we came to a spot of light or the end of the trail.
There is a Lebanese proverb that says: "He can swallow a camel but chokes on a mosquito."
How true is it that too often we can't handle the little things? They become overwhelming and all-consuming, when all around us is goodness and beauty. Why do we become swamped with the pests when in reality we are on a gorgeous journey? Seldom do we remember that the canopy of light above the trees is always there, we take it for granted. O sure, we remember the Light when we need it, but maybe we're focusing on the wrong things... no matter how much it hurts.
I don't have the answers. Trust me... mosquitoes BITE! But they are a truly small part on life's path.

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