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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A glance

Well, this week has proven to be interesting. First a family of five moved in with me two Thursdays ago and I loved sharing the time with them... especially since they were old college friends. Last Sunday I attended a very tiny church, where we sat in desks and chose the hymns we were going to sing out of a few books. The sermon was very long, but thankfully it was in English. :)

Then on Monday I travelled to Kampala with six others to attend a two day training on how to counsel trauma victims - especially children affected by the LRA (Lord's Risistance Army) or HIV/cancer families. The worship was refreshing and my heart broke over many of the stories. Kids were taken in the night and brain washed to be soldiers. Some escaped. Some experienced many tragedies and some still live in fear. Also, many Ugandans believe that cancer is related to AIDS - so the people are treated as outcasts. Very informative... I just hope to put the training to good use.

While traveling I saw fields of casava, papyrus, and tea... two monitor lizards... and the River Nile.

This past weekend I have been making connections with many people and yesturday I helped move my friends back out of my home... so now I have an empty home. Furniture, dishes, art, etc all needs to be bought to create a guest house possible for 12.

I am being broken of all the stereotypes I have had of Africans. They seem rude rather than friendly as I walk/bike past... often laughing or speaking in a squeaky voice. I have heard more song leaders who can't sing, than those who can. And I have to be super careful with going out alone.

Everyone here greets by saying "Praise the Lord" and other respond with "Amen". I think God has many lessons for me here in Uganda.

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  1. Karen, we are praying for you daily. It was wonderful to speak to you today. I found it helpful finding out some specifics to pray for. We miss you a lot and trust that God is keeping you safe in Uganda.