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Friday, March 1, 2019

Multiple Ministry Moments

 Here are 6 of the 8 Freedom Boys who have chosen to go to Trade School so that they can find a way to get off of the streets.  Last week, my friend Denis and I went back to school shopping at about 6 different hardware stores.  
 These boys will be taking either welding, mechanics, or electronics repairs.
 Please pray with me that they will succeed in changing their lives.
School shopping list for mechanics
and welders
 A few weeks ago I spent a lot of time being an ambulance and supporting my friends - Beckie and Ruudy, whose boys were in a serious accident.  This Land Cruiser was rolled 4 times, about 10 minutes from my house... so I was at the scene to assess the damage and then at the hospital and clinics numerous times to check on all those involved.  I praise God that no one was seriously injured!!  God has kept lives on this day.
 I'm grateful for both Global Outreach Mission and Resonate Global Mission, as they support, train, lead, and pray for me here on the field.  Two weeks ago I participated in an office webinar on how to write better newsletters.... glad to be on the team.
 Peter and I ran a refresher training at Vineyard Christian school.  We went through different teaching methods and explained God's Big Story of salvation through 75 different Bible stories.
 And then we played a game I remember as a kid - Heads Up, Seven Up
 On Thursday mornings I cherish ladies Bible study with the various mzungu women who serve in the Soroti area.  We are going through a study called True Woman 101, Divine Design.
 It's so good to share, laugh, talk, and pray together. 
 Every Wednesday I am teaching Bible class at Vineyard Christian school... here's Daniel!
 Julius and I equipped another school last Saturday with Religious Education materials.  
 10 more teachers can share the 17 Stories Curriculum.
 Teddy, Grace, and I have been a little addicted to card making now days.  I'm ready to mail out a few more cards today.  :)
 This morning I finished the 17 Stories with the delightful children of Stars of Hope P/N school.
Devotions take place every Friday morning. 
Here's a summary of God's Hope for us.

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  1. Thanks so much for the update Karen. I can pray better for you when you share your life events.