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Monday, October 8, 2018

Teen Talks - Servant Leadership

These teens just finished going through the whole book of John and will be moving on to The Purpose Driven Life. They are all a part of a sponsorship site where three of my good friends work and serve.  I was asked to come and lead in a motivational talk at the end of the day.
 We briefly talked about what it means to be a servant... and nobody wants to be a house help or a maid. They are treated so unfairly. Everyone wanted to be a boss.  They can sit back and tell people what to do. Yikes.  So, we spoke about being servant leaders.  Using our position for the glory of God... and being people of integrity, vision, responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, etc.
 I look forward to seeing how these teens will develop in their leadership skills and faith.
 I'm glad that my "Juniors" invite me to be a part of such great blessings.
We finished the evening off strong - with a soda and a goat roast.  

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