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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Meaty Christmas! 2016

It is sometimes hard for me to take a Sabbath Day, since ministry can happen any day of the week, so that's why I decided to go to Kampala for a few days over Christmas.  After 2.5 weeks of ministry everyday, I hopped in the car to celebrate a very Meaty Christmas with friends!!  
 A strawberry nojito... a refreshing start to some much needed time off... and 
it's Christmas DAY!!
 Wow, we had fun shopping for the meat feast in the evening.
 The sausages were the appetizers to get us ready for the rest of the meat and chapati.
 Not ashamed... I reached a meat coma.  :)
 I loved cutting the cake with Tata (Grandma).
Service with a smile!
Here are just a few things I've been up since I last wrote...
 A ladies Christmas tea...
 We had a time of crafts, devotions, gift exchange, and yummy eats.
 Here is my tree ornament of the day.  
 Amy made the most creative treat!
Then of course... I had to decorate the house for Christmas with the kids.
 I was blessed with a cool package in the mail.
 I was treasurer and registrar for the annual Anglican youth conference.  This year we had over 1400 youth in attendance.  A full time job!!
 The youth didn't all fit under the hired tents, but that didn't stop them from listening to the sessions.

 Checking my lists and accounts
 Trying some new ideas with a fun pan I found in my cupboard.  Gingerbread quiche.
 Singing at the ordination service at the Cathedral
 Opening gifts with the neighbour boys.
 And having Oil of Gladness practise in my house for two weeks straight... every night until the Christmas cantata.
 On the last night, Trumpets of Gideon, another band also joined us.
Wow... no wonder I needed a break.  And I still want to share about the Ready Set Go training, the Christmas Cantata, and the Poor Man's Christmas!

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