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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goodbye to Angelina

Yesterday afternoon I arrived at the hospital, trying to search for my friend Angelina.  She had been transferred to the Soroti Main hospital on Sunday and I really wanted to visit with her.  I looked into the women's surgical ward, but didn't see her.  But her family members saw me and quickly led me to her bedside.  With just enough room for me to squeeze in beside her bed, I held her hand and was shocked at the severity of her condition.  Angelina was extremely small, could no longer talk, was hooked up to an IV and a feeding tube, and had huge open wounds, or bed sores on her lower back.  I could see that she was in pain, especially when we moved the blankets and skirt in order to see where to put the iodine and cream. 

I went with her grandson to the pharmacy and bought medication, gloves, and IV antibiotics (you have to purchase those things before a doctor or nurse administers them).  Coming back I was in awe of how things work in the surgical ward.  Around 20 women are crammed into a small room, with their attendants standing with them - who are family members or friends who are their to bring/cook food, change sheets, bath them, etc.  Some women are breastfeeding while others are writhing in pain over broken bones and mixed up x-rays.  Two ladies had their legs tied to a 3kg water weight hanging off the end of the bed.  No privacy.  And as I stood there I thanked God for my good health and prayed that I would never have to be admitted there. 

The doctors had told the family to feed Angelina a cup of milk 3 times a day because she was severely malnourished and weak.  It was hard for me to watch a lot of milk being syringed into a feeding tube because it seemed too much at once.  As Angelina was holding my  hand, I could feel and see her twisting in pain.  When they also added water to clean the tube, she softly started screaming out.  I leaned down and whispered into her ear.  I prayed that God would be her Rock of Peace.  I told her that I was sorry that she had absolutely no control over what people were doing to her body.  And I reminded her that our Great Shepherd is holding her in the palm of His hand.  She kept squeezing my hand during that time.  I knew that she had heard and believed!! 

This morning at 8 am I opened the door to find two of her grandchildren there.  With tears streaming down their face, they told me that Angelina had passed away at 7 this morning.  I held the grand-daughter as she wept aloud.  My neighbours knew that I had lost a friend today.  I went with them to the hospital and watched as her small body was shifted over to the mortuary. Burial will be tomorrow in Katikwe if they can get a casket and food in time.  (Which I'm sure they will... I love seeing how communities gather together to make a big event take place.) 

At 9:30 am I brought many family members back home and then drove over to the Anglican church offices for another long planning meeting for the Youth Conference.  At least we now have the speakers, topics, and workshops all lined up.

I'm glad that Angelina has found peace.  I'm rejoicing that she is SEEing Jesus now!!

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