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Friday, November 7, 2014

Teaching Primary School

Every morning I arise before 7 am, to prepare myself for school.  Yes, that's right... this term I have been teaching every day and WOWEEEE do I love it.  Following the "17 Stories" curriculum, I have been storytelling at two schools.  It's super exciting to be teaching with a team of young people who are excited to share God's Word with these primary children.  5 of us have been covering the whole school.  On day one we teach grades 1, 3, and 5, and on day two we teach grades 2, 4, and 6.  There are at least 2 streams of each class, so it takes a while to teach the whole school.
The head teacher and the school director love having my team come in every day and teach during the Religious Education hour, so by 10 am, the "hostess" has our tea and snacks ready - bananas or bread, or cassava chips, or local donuts, or porridge.  It is such a blessing!
 Here are the young ones, putting on a modelling show during our break time.
 Joseph loves the children!!  He is so full of energy.
 Teddy is ready for tea!
 This child is a son of one of the teachers.  He hangs around the classroom all day long.
 Ann teaches at both schools with me.  God is shaping her in to an incredibly creative teacher.
 Peter is our preacher teacher... he loves the older classes.
 These P6 students are very attentive.
One of my favourite lines that the children came up with is that Jesus was born in:
The House of Cows!

 And for fun, I had to share this cake cutting swallowship photo... As Oil of Gladness, we are still celebrating the wedding of two of our own.
And just so you know... I am very far away!!

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