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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walking with Onac (Oh-nach)...

Squeezing into the corner of the sitting room, I sit on the couch with the mother of the house, while two little girls kneel down on the grass mat on the floor.  The father takes another chair, and picks up the guitar.  "Okay ladies, let's worship God as a family before I go away to school tonight."  The girls choose songs first - simple songs that mean so much.  Then the father continues to lead with a meek and contrite heart and a sweet voice.
I can only imagine how much this family will change in the next 8 months.  As Onac (Brother in Christ) leaves to study, the wife will be home - trying to be the breadwinner, mother, and decision maker.  Honestly, I know this is all a part of God's plan.  If there was any brother who should be in ministry - this is one!!  But it's hard... knowing that rent will be difficult to pay, no male role-model will be around... and the girls love their daddy so much. 
And then I remember that about 1.5 miles away there is a home that has started a construction phase.  A decent sized plot, with the walls laid out - but no cement, floors, roof, or windows.  Another home that began during strong financial times, but never finished.  So now, they are renting a home, and struggling to get by, month by month.  Less than four years rent would pay for the construction to finish.  $4000 approximately... and yet, everything is on pause.
After worshipping together, we circle together and talk to our precious Heavenly Father.  How awesome it is to bring our joys and concerns to God!  The Lord alone knows where food, clothes, and rent will come from.  He knows how hard Onac will study or how the mother will work to provide.  He will help the girls to be successful in school.  And He will help "Auntie Karen to learn to cook better meals."  (I had provided dinner that night - a rice and chicken dish, where the little one devoured the chicken.) 
I'm humbled as Onac commissions me to be a part of the family, especially while he is away.  But I know I can't walk alongside them alone.  Church of God, let's be together in prayer, as we trust God to be with this family throughout 2014.   


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