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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Blessing From Canada

My parents came to visit... what more can I say.  I had two weeks to share my life and this beautiful country of Uganda with them.  I praise the Lord they were able make the journey and stay the whole time.  We had so much fun together.  (Although Dad has a family rule of only 5 minutes of fun per day... so we tried to keep it at a minimum.)
 Dad was given 2 minutes warning to share God's Word
 My Ugandan parents - George and Cathy, with my Canadian parents.  :)
 A party of close to 30 youth in my living room - on a Saturday night when the rains were falling and the power was VERY dim.  We were celebrating a music concert that we all sang in two weeks prior.
 The Ugandan national bird - the Crested Crane
 Giraffes on safari
 All of us at Murchison Falls in Western Ugandan
 All of us at the Source of the Nile (Lake Victoria) in Eastern Uganda
 Taking my neighbour boys to the well in the village
We slept one night in a village hut! 
 Dad preached again at a village church.  People had started gathering at 9 am to hear God's Word and we were misinformed to come at 4pm, so many people were tired and hungry, but they were so glad we came and waved us in with white banners and lots of trilling.
 A time of prayer after the message
 A boat ride on Lake Kyoga
 Elephants on safari
We spent four days in this vehicle - exploring God's creation
Just a glimpse...

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