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Monday, May 13, 2013

Finding Precious

Yesterday evening I was working in my house, when one of the neighbours came over to ask if Precious was playing in my house.  No - just the twins.  I didn't think much about it, just kept on working.  About 15 minutes later the mother came and asked again if Precious was in my house.  I started to get concerned.  I cleaned up my work and the kids and I went outside to begin searching around.  Precious is maybe one and a half... she only learned to walk a few months ago.
We walked up the street and talked to other kids in the neighbourhood.  We started driving around a few blocks and asking people if they had seen a lost little girl.  No one had.  Vanessa, who is 13, was sitting with me in the car.  She began to imagine all the possibilities.  Kidnapped.  Hit by a car.  Child sacrifice.  After a while I realized that we are not going to be able to find Precious on our own.  I went back to the house and talked with the mother.  I asked for a photo of Precious that I could take to the police station.
As I was walking back to my car, one of the helpers in the compound started talking about how Precious had stolen the kids ball.  Are you kidding me?  Who cares about a ball?  But in her very broken English, she kept saying - "The ball!  The ball!"  I was so frustrated.  Why was she so worried about a ball... balls can be replaced?
Getting back in to the car, I said, "Kids, first we need to pray before we go any further.  Lord, we have lost little Precious and I pray that you will help us to find her.  Please keep her safe.  Amen."  And we drove away.  Feeling prompted to take Main Street, instead of the back streets, I drove slowly so that Vanessa could look out one window and Victor could look out the other window.
Half way through town Victor say a young man, dressed in an ephod, holding an orange ball up in the air.  Victor says - "That's our ball!"  Vanessa looked closer then and saw the man holding hands with a little girl in a white dress.  "Precious!  He has Precious!"
I pulled over so fast and Vanessa and I jumped out of the car.  Spectators on the street said, "Mzungu, how can you just lose a child."  I quickly explained that it was me.  I am her neighbour and I'm just out searching for the young girl.  Precious seemed very calm and content while the man explained to us that he almost hit her while he was driving up Main street.  She was crossing the road alone.  I showed him the picture and told him we were on our way to the police station to report her missing.  He mentioned that he was just on his way to the radio station since no one was claiming her. 
Anyways, after many hugs and appreciations, we took Precious into the car and drove home.  I could see her Mom walking up a path, leading away from our home.  I quickly through open the door and yelled. "Mama Precious!"  At the same time, Vanessa held Precious high into the air.  Tears flowed.  All of us gathered inside the compound.  We cried, thanked God, hugged one another, and made a plan on how to keep the kids inside the gate better. 
I just praise God it all turned out well!!  Vanessa came to my home 20 minutes later and gave me another big hug.  She couldn't believe how God had worked things out.  To God be the glory!

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