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Sunday, March 19, 2017

In all Things - Give Thanks!

For the past many months we have been living in a very dry Teso Land.  Many of my friends in the village (those who live off the land alone) are down to one meal a day, or even borrowing/sharing with the neighbours.  We have been praying for rain for a long time!  Rice and corn are more expensive now days and that makes it harder for people to survive.
Also, my friends Rachel and Eddie, in the Chalbi desert, northern Kenya, are experiencing even more drought - with goats and camels dying far too often.  It is my hope to go and visit them soon in the desert, so encourage them in their work there.
Even though the land is dry, people's thirst for God's Word is not!  People are desiring God's Word and willing to share it with the next generation.
This past week I was in Kaberamaido for another two day training in OneHope and other children's ministry tips.  During the second day of the training the skies opened up and the rains seriously poured down.  I couldn't even be upset that God had taken away two hours of training time.  We just sat down and enjoyed God's abundant blessings upon the land.  
We also thanked God for keeping us safe because the van brakes broke about 30km from Soroti.  We slowly crawled back to town that night and praised God for His journey mercies.
 Group discussions - learning together
 It was too hot inside the church on the first day, so we moved the class outside
 I was talking about the ways that children learn - attention span, environment, multiple intelligence's (word, people, self, logic, music, body, visual, and nature) and more
 I am always energized sharing with God's people
 Playing games
 Sharing the load with my team-mate Julius
 Telling Bible stories clearly
On the first day I saw this man struggling to read... so
 I went home and found a few specs for him to try.  He was so grateful!
 Distribution time... counting out another 10,000+ manuals for the village kids.

 The rains came!
 Even school kids were watching God's provision
 Joy Joy Joy
The teachers were excited to have new curriculum for them to put into practise

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